Reasons for valuations

There are many reasons you may need your items professionally valued, including :

Matrimonial reasons

Deceased estate / Pre estate planning

Insurance replacement purposes

Corporate & business purposes

Taxation requirements

Why Kearns?

Kearns Valuations have staff with over 100 years total of experience in all facets of household items and specialist knowledge of art, antiques, militaria, plant & equipment, motor vehicles, boats, office and household furniture.

Reasons to choose Kearns

Kearns Valuations are prompt and reliable and most of all professional.

Kearns Valuations undertake matrimonial valuations where many others will not.

Kearns Valuations have understanding and empathy with their clients at a difficult stage of their lives.

Kearns Valuations specialise in the advice and finalisation of deceased estates.

Kearns Valuations have provided a complete service for clients based overseas or interstate who need someone they can trust to look after their best interests.

Kearns Valuations have had much experience in some of the more difficult situations, such as disputed estates, distraints of rent, workman’s liens and the dissolving of business arrangements and partnerships.

Kearns Valuations conduct and prepare valuations intra and interstate

Kearns Valuations have conducted valuations for individuals, legal practices and corporate clients for many years.

Kearns Valuations have a respected name and have been used by generations of South Australians.

Kearns Valuations can undertake and prepare valuations at short notice.

Kearns Valuations are cost competitive

Kearns Valuations can undertake, if desired, the disposal and sale of items through our Auction Rooms.

Matrimonial Division

(Divorce settlements)

If not an amicable split, a Kearns valuation may be provided at your, or your solicitor’s request. One valuation can be carried out on behalf of both parties, the cost being divided. A Kearns Valuation is recognised by the Family Court.

Most frequently asked questions about matrimonial valuations (FAQs)

How do you arrive at a valuation price?

Matrimonial valuations are carried out at the price that the item is worth today, on the resale market. It is the price that could be expected in a reasonably attended and advertised auction. It is NOT the retail replacement costs.

Do I have to have a formal valuation?

From a legal view for a settlement and division within the Family Court structure a formal written valuation is required. This is then submitted by your solicitor in the Register of Assets.

What if my former partner will not co-operate?

This situation happens occasionally. In most cases access is eventually gained but sometimes an Order from the Family Court is required.

Do you value everything?

In a normal household situation the major items of furniture & effects are valued Items such as personal clothing & effects, family photos and children’s possessions are not included. Items of no commercial value will be shown and valued thus -NCV

What else do you value?

The short answer is everything! Quite often motor vehicles, boats, caravans are involved, sometimes may be a wine or other collection, other times it may be items related to a business. In some situations business items may be required to be valued separately as a complete valuation of the business.

Do you carry out country valuations?

Yes, anywhere within South Australia, or indeed Australia.

What do I receive?

After the valuation has been completed at your property Kearns Valuations prepare a bound and 1 other copy showing complete descriptions of items with all appropriate prices, certification, etc. A copy of digital photographs taken on site are retained with our records. Photos are taken to help if a dispute occurs.

Deceased Estates

How do I finalise a deceased estate?

Sometimes it is a difficult time after the death of a relative or friend. A valuation may be required for estate or probate purposes. These are market valuations. Most estates are settled by the executor with little or no fuss. However, a Kearns Valuations ensures an equitable division between beneficiaries.

Pre Estate Planning

Valuations prepared for pre-estate planning have certainly increased markedly over the past several years.

If you wish to control where your treasured possessions are going or you wish to ensure all your beneficiaries receive an equal share an independent Kearns Valuation could be what you need. A Kearns Valuation would be prepared with appropriate values and this could form part of your will.

Insurance Valuation

Insurance valuations are prepared on the basis of what that item or a comparable equivalent would cost to buy on the retail market today.

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