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Under instructions from the Landlord – Distraint for Rent

Near new restaurant fit out, Sushi Train benches, tables & chairs, wok cookers, refrigeration, pizza style preparation benches, freezers, digital POS Point of Sale video surveillance system, stainless steel benches & sinks, ice maker, dish & glass washers, exhaust canopies & much more














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1        Pair Oriental jade appearance entrance dogs approx 50Lx50Hx20W cm

2        Sandwich board & frame

3        5 of single pedestal tables 80 x 60cm

4        6 of single pedestal tables 80 x 80cm

5        2 of double pedestal tables 80x120cm

6        160cm diameter chipboard top table with 95cm diameter glass lazy susan

7        160cm diameter chipboard top table with 95cm diameter glass lazy susan

8        8 of sections leather finish bench seating approx 13.5m

9        34 Madeline rung back wooden restaurant chairs

10      Steel framed timber top high table 195 x 100cm

11      4 of high chairs – white

12      1 of ¾ round chipboard top table

13      Qty stationery items, jumper wire, sundries

14      3 of Maxsum portable gas stoves no cases

15      2 of Maxsum portable gas stoves with cases

16      Metal table numbers, reserve signs, plastic table numbers, point of sale holders, salts & peppers, sugar shakers

17      Contents of cupboard including extension cords, waistcoats, light fitting, sundries

18      2 door 2 pack white storage cupboard 90Wx250Hx125D cm BUYER TO DISMANTLE


19      Brother MFC-7362N laser all in one printer with spare cartridge & 4 drawer cabinet

20      Laminate top steel framed table 120×60 cm

21      Office chair a/f & framed print

22      Rebeck Public Address amplifier, Pioneer 6 disc CD player, Kenwood AM/FM stereo tuner Model KTF2010

23      Safewell key & combination safe 67Hx48Wx47D – NO key or combination


24      Contents top 4 shelves including 2 Food Ready heaters a/f, cash till no key, take away containers, serviette holders

25      3 bags – 1 opened Fine Breadcrumbs, 5 pkts noodles

26      Contents top 3 shelves including, take away cups, straws, disposable chef’s hats, plastic Chinese spoons, plastic forks

27      6 Tru-Soft JR300-2R 300, toilet paper rolls, plastic cutlery tray

28      4 door 2 pack white storage cupboard 250Hx230W part 54D & part 34D cm BUYER TO DISMANTLE

29      2 purple glass vases

30      Contents of shelving unit including sauce dishes, chopsticks, cutlery, soy sauce jugs, sundries in and on cupboard NOT RICE COOKER, 2 menu holders

31      Tiger rice cooker/warmer a/f

32      Wall mounted 2 door 6 drawer cupboard, marble top preparation bench

33      5 cartons of take away containers

34      13 pkts of unbleached chopsticks

35      4 yellow metal pendant light fittings

36      5 yellow metal pendant light fittings

37      4 white metal pendant light fittings

38      3 white metal pendant light fittings

39      40 sets food bowls & saucers

40      39 sets food bowls & saucers

41      4 potted Lily Peace in plastic pots

42      Sushi Train approx 34m long with faux marble benching complete with coronite bench table surround, foot rest, motor in kitchen area – BUYER TO DISMANTLE

43      Bench setting 2 benches & fully upholstered backs & seats, free standing, with twin pedestal laminated timber look top table 180x60cm

44      Bench setting 2 benches & fully upholstered backs & seats, free standing, with twin pedestal laminated timber look top table 180x60cm

45      Bench setting 2 benches & fully upholstered backs & seats, free standing, with twin pedestal laminated timber look top table 180x60cm

46      Bench setting 1 bench & fully upholstered back & seat, free standing, with twin pedestal laminated timber look top cut down table 180x46cm

47      10 of wooden serving platters

48      8 assorted cushions

49      4 potted Lily Peace in plastic pots

50      Samsung wall mounted television – not tested

51      2 pot plant holders, end section, raised floor (stage), timber on columns BUYER TO DISMANTLE

52      Ceiling decoration BUYER TO DISMANTLE

53      Happy plant in tub

54      2 straw dispensers

55      Decorative rice & sauce bowls & flower salt & pepper set

56      Outdoor gas heater

57      Panasonic cordless phones x 4 & controller

58      POSCAM CTR Integrated point of sale & digital video surveillance system with 8 cameras ALL IN ASIAN LANGUAGE

59      Happy cat battery operated

60      14 steel framed faux leather upholstered back & seat high stools

61      Contents of 2 door fridge including assorted glasses, soft drinks, etc

62      Contents of single door fridge including soft drinks, water bottles, etc

63      4 x 24 bottle Nu Sprint Water

64      Cocktail & drinking straws

65      Contents of 2 shelves including coconut water, Bickfords cordials etc

66      2 shelving units melamine shelves timber supports

67      Birko hat water urn

68      Hand glass washer & detergents, 2.5kg dry powder fire extinguisher

69      3 trays assorted glasses NOT trays

70      1 litre & ½ litre carafes approx 9

71      Scotsman under counter ice making machine Model AC105 – tested

72      Stainless steel encased under counter Winter Holter glass washer

73      Coronite top 4 door behind counter work bench with stainless steel sink & tap & laminate top attached cabinet

74      Approx 16 stemmed wine glasses

75      6 ice buckets, water dispenser, sake sets etc

76      Qty melamine black tea cups approx 24 NOT container

77      Approx 20 wine glasses & 15 champagne glasses NOT container

78      Qty assorted glasses

79      Approx 14 white china tea pots 1 lid missing

80      Metal pedal bin & wet floor sign

81      Bar counter 400x40cm with under storage

82      Garbage bags, tape dispensers, pens, etc

83      12 out of date drinks & fan heater, pegs, aprons, thermal paper rolls etc

84      Approx 16 decorative rice bowls

85      6 melamine square plates

86      Qty bowls, deep bowls, large plates white china etc

87      6 leaf dishes

88      Approx 38 oblong melamine plates white

89      6 shell shape plates 6 boat shaped plates

90      6 china oblong food serving plates

91      2 Oriental lacquer ware serving stands

92      2 metal pedestal cake stands, 5 metal mesh bowls

93      Approx 46 metal hot pot containers with lids & burners

94      Soft drinks in single door fridge

95      Triangular counter with decorative timber top wall divider – BUYER TO DISMANTLE

96      Part carton Sanwu Hot Pot

97      Approx melamine 20 plates & 13 bowls

98      Large qty of assorted tumblers & tea glasses – NOT CONTAINERS

99      Electric slicer S300 30cm

100     Twin stainless steel sink unit with taps and benching

101     4.5kg powder fire extinguisher

102     Approx 22 new steamers

103     1 pot plant & vase with asstd artificial flowers

104     Contents shelf unit including fly sprays, Gasmate cylinders, rope, cling wrap etc

105     Adjustable melamine shelf unit 7 shelves dark grey 280Hx60W cm

106     Adjustable melamine shelf unit 7 shelves dark grey 280Hx60W cm

107     Contents 2 shelves approx 270 sushi train melamine dishes, shelf of asstd china plates, dishes

108     Approx 85 copper based stainless steel serving bowls, approx 18 lidded hot pots, approx 24 metal plates

109     6 door 2 pack white dresser unit with 3 shelves 280Hx220W cm approx

110     Contents of shelving unit metal bowls, pasta, tea, vinegar, tinned sauce etc


111     Stainless steel wall mounted shelf 250x30cm with order holder & contents

112     Stainless steel square unit with 2 pizza trays, take away containers chopping board

113     Commercial can opener

114     Approx 15 steam units & lids

115     Balance of contents on bench including rolling pin, cling wrap, stainless steel inserts, electric jug

116     Stainless steel preparation bench with splashback 200cmx750cm BENCH ONLY

117     Single fan exhaust canopy approx 170Wx170D cm

118     Qty asstd size stainless steel food storage containers

119     Single pan gas deep fryer

120     Luus single hole water cooled wok cooker

121     Westinghouse upright single door white enamelled freezer

122     CTPL stainless steel cased single door upright freezer

123     Wall mounted first aid cabinet

124     Stainless steel hand basin

125     3 chopping boards

126     Items on sink unit casserole dishes, jugs, graters

127     Stainless steel wall mounted shelf unit 220x30cm

128     3 pot food warmer

129     Washtech commercial 3ph dishwasher

130     Stainless steel sink with drainboards each side with flexible tap head & low splashback 180x70cm

131     Stainless steel colanders & round tray

132     2 aluminium stock pots

133     Asstd stainless steel food trays

134     Stainless steel preparation bench with splashback 165x75cm

135     Caterfix KMA146 reverse switch 240v bench top mincer

136     Qty prawn cocktail dishes, plastic ware etc

137     Qty plastic bowls, baskets

138     Stainless steel shelf wall mounted 150 x 35cm

139     Large qty assorted detergents & chemicals

140     Spectrum 4.5kg dry powder fire extinguisher

141     Haier approx 500 litre white enamelled chest freezer

142     Exhaust canopy filter

143     Qty plastic food storage/rubbish bins

144     Qty asstd timber, trestles sundry timber

145     2 black plastic Tuff Boxes with lids

146     Large stock pot with hot pot bowls a/f & aprons

147     10kg clock face scales

148     Asstd size stainless steel mixing bowls

149     2 magnetic strips with assorted knives

150     Stainless steel shelf unit wall mounted 220 x 30cm

151     Stainless steel wall cladding approx 15m x 2.5m high

152     Approx 5 stainless steel divided food preparation/serving bowls

153     Kenwood KMIX 240v mixer & beater

154     Stainless steel sink unit with drain board, & under storage & tap 240x55cm

155     Haier approx 500 white enamelled case chest freezer

156     L-shaped stainless steel exhaust canopy 7 filter approx 240x40cm

157     Stainless steel cased microwave

158     Stainless steel shelf unit

159     Stainless steel sink unit with drain board low splashback & under storage 120x70cm

160     Large stock pot, bin etc

161     Assorted stainless steel food inserts

162     Qty stainless steel insert bowls in bin

163     Square stainless steel preparation bench with under storage

164     Superton 4 burner commercial stove & oven

165     Frying pans, stainless steel bowls, trays, tongs, draining spoon, pasta drainer etc

166     3 hole water cooled gas fired wok cooker

167     3 wok pans with handles 46cm diameter

168     Blue Seal salamander gas on stainless steel stand 90cm wide

169     Contents of shelves, under bench, condiments & sundries, on bench on shelf over sink over preparation benches & stainless steel floor unit

170     Stainless steel bench & under storage (hole cut in bench) NOT INCLUDING SUSHI TRAIN PARTS

171     Stainless steel shelf unit 270x35cm

172     2 litre wet chemical fire extinguisher

173     B20 20 litre 240v planetary food mixer

174     Preparation bench stainless steel 2 door built in refrigeration 9 hole ingredient rack & 2 over unit shelves original display panel missing 180×80 cm

175     Menu Master stainless steel cased Model MLD510 microwave

176     Stainless steel preparation bench with 2 door built in under shelf refrigeration & lidded ingredients shelf 180x83cm

177     CTPL 3 door under counter stainless steel refrigerator 180cm long

178     Secta-Rid 2 bar wall mounted insect killer







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