Collectables, 8 x 5 Tandem Trailer, Tools, Furniture, Vintage Victa Mower, Steel Wagon Wheels


Friday 1 July 10am till Noon,  Saturday 2 July 10am till 2pm,  Morning of Sale from 10am


Day of Sale – on site by cash, internet transfer, EFTPOS available – 2% credit charge




Day of Sale until 5pm

Monday 4 July 9 – 5pm

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1          8 x 5 tandem axle trailer with brakes and side panels registered No SO36TAU

2          Contents of trailer including pnu tyre trolley & scrap

3          6′ aluminium ladder and part Bailey ladder

4          Winne11 K’Archer pressure cleaner

5          B & D Control-a-Door electrically operated door opener & arm pieces

6          Beef Eater Signature 3000S 4 burner BBQ

7          Lidded BBQ on mobile stainless steel stand

8          Pair of 1400 diameter wagon wheels

9          2 x 4 wheel trollies – 1500 x 760 & 2000 x 810cm

10        Qty of reclaimed red bricks approx 200

11        Metal container of scrap electrical sundries

12        Scrap aluminium door & security panel

13        Large plastic tub of assorted garden tools & piping

14        Kelso green pnu tyre metal wheelbarrow

15        PVC wheelbarrow pnu tyre

16        Petrol engine rotary hoe

17        Victa heavy duty steel chassis Commando key start petrol motor

18        2 Sulo bins & 2 grass catchers

19        Blue tub firewood etc

20        Water tank fibreglass Master Tanks approx 100 diameter & 170cm high


21        3 x 240v electric drills – not tested

22        Makita RTO 700C 710w laminate trimmer appears unused, tested OK, in case with accessories

23        Makita & Ozito finishing sander tested OK

24        Makita Recipro Saw Model JR3000V in case – tested OK

25        Metal tool box & qty Sidchrome spanners

26        Ramset D60 air op powder actuated tool

27        Ozito & Skil electric planers – tested OK

28        Trade Air Brad Finishing gun kit air op & a Super Wark air op sander dual action

29        Carton of roofing nails approx 10kg

30        Solid wood white enamel ¼ glass door with cat flap

31        Pair of new feature wooden doors 203 x 82cm

32        Bosch Model GSB13RE 210v drill & Ryobi 75 x 534mm Model AB850A sander, B & D 800w Work Wheel 240v – all tested

33        B & D Work Wheel – tested, Arlec Enforcer 3rd sheet sander – tested, B & D BR950 electric drill 240v – tested a/f

34        Unbranded electric drill – tested, Festo jig saw a/f, Metabo EP600 jig saw a/f – tested

35        Ryobi ERO750VK circular disc sander – tested OK

36        Blue metal cased assorted new drill bits

37        Skil Model 1810 Plate Joiner new in case – tested OK

38        Crosby Shelvador retro refrigerator round top

39        Heavy duty steel 2 door tool cupboard 210 x 91cm

40        Top shelf comprising 240v 3 heavy duty drills, B & D Rip Saw a/f

41        Werx 800w WT4DIKE reciprocating saw – tested, Metabo 628/2 hammer drill 240v, tested

42        3 various electric motors & heavy duty hammer drill a/f

43        Electric motor & pump a/f

44        2 electric motors a/f

45        Shelf of 2 light fittings, glass shelving

46        Shelf of stainless steel container & tooling, irrigation parts, U clips

47        Shelf of box of Weller soldering iron, air compressor, pullers, tooling, tapes, old tins, gas gauge

48        Shelf of 2 containers screwdrivers, Valiant steering wheel, car badges, sundry irrigation fittings

49        3 containers of spanners, drills, wrench cutter, pipe holder etc

50        Contents of shelf including 2 grinding wheels, Railway clock face, cantilever tool box, nuts & bolts etc

51        Contents of shelf – large quantity of alan keys assorted sizes, drill bits, brace and bits

& drills, tub roofing nails, 2 empty tool boxes, damp course, various sealants

52        Shelf of 2 metal tubs of nuts & bolts, tub of locks, keys, padlocks, door locks

53        2 tubs containing electrical fittings 240v & 3ph, old furniture castors, sundry scrap items

54        3 stainless steel containers of plumbing fittings, gas fittings, wheel braces, brace and bits, hand drills, footprints

55        Tool box assorted light fittings, lustre drops chandelier fittings, tub nuts & bolts, electrical sundries

56        Sharp Carousel microwave, 2 Butane gas cylinders, soldering heads, blue metal tool box

57        2 wooden boxes Stanley socket set, Kinchrome 24 socket set incomplete, Genius 24 socket set – incomplete, Kero gun, sledge hammer & wedge, biscuit tin old spark plugs & sundries

58        2 tubs auto sundries, buts & bolts

59        3 tubs – paint mixer, old soldering iron, sundry tools, large U bolts etc

60        Stainless steel double bowl sink, stainless steel laundry sink, extension cords, quantity rope, pergolas props on overhead area

61        X5 MMA-200 DC inverter, MMA welder

62        GS EasyMig 101 240v welder

63        Peerless New Generation Mk2 dual voltage welder

64        Steel rules steel protractor, safety glasses, rasps, files, paint brushes, chains, small whale pump, 2 Harley Davidson posters

65        2 gas powered blow torches not bottles

66        Avery Type 3206 260 kilo platform scales

67        2 contents of workshop sundries, grinding wheel, pressure gauge, garden clippers etc

68        Shelf old oxy gauges, soldering iron, part Tap & Die sets, scraper, drill chucks

69        5 containers of rivet guns, welding rods, chisels, punches

70        Shelf of coated cord, plastic fuel container, electrical sundries

71        Wheelchair base no seat

72        2 containers packing tapes, rolls of nails, metal clamps & fittings, U bolts etc

73        2 containers – rolls of nails, hoses, masking tapes, aerosol sprays

74        Contents of drawer NOT drawer, hand tools, tapes, tools

75        5 metal parts containers – nuts & bolts, dies, fuses, heavy duty taps

76        Container electrical components

77        Large PVC tub of extension cords, lights

78        Husqvarna 132R brush cutter – incomplete

79        Balance of contents of upper fence including pergola supports, shears, hose, hand tools, wheels

80        Stainless steel Grill Station portable BBQ

81        Hailey Model HC130A water cooler

82        Large qty of hammers, podgy bars files

83        2 tubs of electrical fittings, globes, etc

84        2 tubs of light fittings, kitchenware, glassware etc

85        Tub of various wheels & tub of pulleys & fly wheels

86        Tub of electrical sundries, tub of hammers & mallets

87        Qty of hand saws, pruning saws, panels saws

88        2 plastic tubs of grinding wheels, metal cable, small fabricated steel steps

89        Tub of electric fuses, tub of grinder wheels etc

90        Tub of electrical fittings, spray gun unit, assorted parts

91        Tub of wheels, auto sundries, pipe fittings etc

92        Tub of a/f power tools, fittings etc

93        Tub of grinding discs etc

94        Tub of cable 3ph power outlets, spray guns, sand paper, tool box of hand tools spanners etc

95        Tub of tie downs, qty grinding discs, spray equipment etc

96        Tub of oxy gauges, oxy burners & cutters, scrap copper, oil can etc

97        Tub of plumbing fittings, tub of U/S air tools & fittings

98        2 metal drawers of nail gun nails

99        Large heavy duty blacksmith’s anvil & square block 82cm long 32cm high

100       4 wheel mobile trolley

101       10 ton Wallaby house lifter jack

102       5hp Mariner outboard motor

103       2 theatre flood lamps

104       Qty of jarrah tongue & groove, flooring, skirting boards

105       Carry bag for fishing rods

106       Birko urn

107       Vintage milk churn & contents

108       Honda 5hp petrol motor Model GX140

109       Atco Boat Impeller 147 as used in Vietnam

110       Mercedes grill & part fire place

111       3 back pack spray units

112       Hyper Extension walking machine

113       Extensively carved mahogany king size bedhead

114       Large 48″ heavy duty office safe all faults, rear section cut open = place against a wall!

115       Assorted power & cordless power tools a/f

116       Ditto

117       Ozito belt sander a/f

118       Brass wood box

119       Cigar box with quantity of lighters & pocket knives

120       Jewel casket of various wrist & pocket watches

121       Bakelite mantle clock

122       Sydney Harbour Bridge souvenir match box cover

123       Vintage cigar cutter

124       19th century embossing tool

125       Container of collector’s tins

126       Case of collectable cigarette lighters, knives, sundries

127       Metal tin of assorted watches, gauges, costume jewellery

128       Tin of gauges, pipes, clocks, barometer

129       Case of old switches, wooden turnings etc

130       Tin of Philips radio, stirrup, etc

131       Large glass light fitting

132       Remote control vintage helicopter with controller






138       Queen Anne polished timber cabriole leg open bookshelf unit

139       Student 8 drawer twin pedestal desk

140       Mahogany Louis style cabriole leg hall table

141       TWM Model 1P68F 5.5hp overhead valve lawn mower motor – new in box

142       Folding mechanics crawler/stool

143       2 wooden & metal wine racks & sundries

144       Repro cabinet radio

145       Steel 2 door stationary cabinet

146       Top shelf – old camera bag, stapler, chalk etc

147       Next shelf – light old lamp shade, toys, sad iron

148       Shelf of vintage sundries, binoculars

149       Vintage electrical sundries, toys

150       Vintage developing equipment, jewellery casket, etc

151       2 support beams 3.5M long

152       Floral geometric design floor rug

153       3 assorted ute tonneau covers

154       Aluminium 8′ step ladder

155       National reel to reel tape recorder & timber framed chair

156       Singer wrought iron base treadle sewing machine

157       Tub of glasses & crockery

158       3 Pope Falcon wood planes – F4, 2 x No4s

159       Record No 4 & Falcon F5 wood planes

160       Falcon F41/2 & Bailey No 4 wood planes

161       Stanley No 4 & No 6 wood planes

162       Electrical soldering machine – not tested

163       On Two Wheels bound series magazines

164       Assorted books, workshop manuals

165       Aluminium case with collector’s sporting cards

166       Ceramic leopard

167       Ceramic panther

168       2 chess sets, model car etc

169       Student’s adjustable lamp & table lamp

170       TEC SL-47N 15kg electric scales

171       Makita LS 1013F drop saw on stand

172       4 framed tapestries

173       Colonial style dinner wagon

174       RAK mobile industrial fan

175       Vintage chiller/fridge

176       8 assorted framed prints & tapestries

177       Hand knitted Crow’s supporter

178       Spindle back & cane back chairs

179       Vintage key locking free standing safe

180       Tub of timber etc & knife block etc

181       Blackwood 2 tier occasional table

182       Dimplex air conditioner a/f – portable

182a     2 x twin fluoro lights, Sulo bin

183       Pair metal legs & timber top table

184       Vintage tripod & brass coloured standard lamp

185       Part Bonaire evaporative air conditioner a/f

186       Aluminium 15′ ladder

187       1 tool box, 1 battery box

188       Stainless steel milk can

189       Military tin esky

190       15 red plastic stacking chairs

191       15 orange plastic stacking chairs

192       2 crates of curtain fittings, draught stopper, sundries

193       Tub of sockets, etc

194       Top shelf – bag insulation, car racks, oils

195       Shelf of clamps, vice, files, hand tools

196       Shelf of 12 part drawers containing drill bits, hand tools, nails, fittings, accessories

197       Shelf of 4 parts drawers of fittings, nails, drill bits, plaster

198       Tub of chemicals, chain, part Mixmaster, etc

199       Shelf of auto filters, fittings, Ryobi box, paint

200       Shelf of hand tools, knee pads, spray gun, irrigation fittings etc

201       Shelf of PVC fittings, scale weights, bearings

202       Shelf of 2 tubs of electric cords, 3ph switches & connectors, asstd G clamps

203       Strapping assorted in tub, gear box housing, chemicals

204       2 tubs grease guns, garden chemicals, pergola stands, light bulbs

205       Shelf of cement & tools, scales, hand tools

206       2 tubs, large quantity of screwdrivers, crate of pergola shoes & brackets

207       Small stainless steel sink on stand, large bag of wheels

208       Upper shelf – stationary motor

209       Steel tool box & hand tools, 4 various motors

210       Stationary motor & extension cords

211       2 wire crates of paints & chemicals

212       ABM 900 36″ bolt cutters

213       3 pairs assorted size bolt cutters

214       Sidchrome wall mounted tool box complete with spanners, adjustable wrenches, screw drivers, sockets, 82cm high x 74cm wide, 20cm deep

215       3ph extension cord, hard hat small tool box of light fittings

216       Cementing shovel, garden fork, jumper leads, timber, earmuffs

217       TWM 8″ double pedestal bench grinder on fabricated steel stand

218       Golf bag & set clubs

219       Dexion shelving unit 7′ long 62cm wide 5 shelves – under stairs

220       Dexion shelving unit 110cm long 62cm wide 5 shelves


221       Set of galvanised racks for ute body

222       Qty fluoro light fitting tubes – above stair well

223       4 pairs Stilsons assorted sizes

224       3 pair of Stilsons assorted sizes

225       2 pair of Stilsons pipe cutter small bolt cutters

226       Large heavy duty spanners, socket wrenches, large shifting spanner, large stilsons

227       Sidchrome wall mounted tool box 90cm high, 100cm wide, 18cm deep

228       Dexion rack 3′ wide & contents including light fittings, hoses, kitchenware, pipe fittings, hand tools

229       Blue tub with heavy duty 3ph power points & plumbing fittings

230       Orange Tropical Ice Box with lambs wool covers

231       Large rectangular PVC storage container with assorted metal fittings, pipework etc

232       Circular PVC container with pipes & 2 axle stands

233       3 rolls electric cable

234       Portable typewriter & small portable TV

235       Remaining sundries on upper shelf including 2 PVC containers of small wheels, auto hose, etc

236       Remaining sundries under shelf including saucepans, hub caps, wheel trims, auto fluids, plumbing fittings

237       4 twin fluoro light fittings, 1 stainless steel cover

238       Vintage wooden tool box with electrical sundries 75cm long, 40cm wide, 32cm deep

239       Large galvanised trunk 141cm long, 50cm wide, 45cm high

240       Contents of manual spray units, garden tools, sundries etc

241       Circa 1960’s radiogram teak veneer cabinet on legs

242       3 plastic tubs of LP records

243       Vintage manual Royal typewriter

244       Vintage Coca Cola 24 bottle crate with bottles

245       2 shelves of light bulbs, lady’s handbag, part roll of carpet, bedhead etc

246       Pair of Toshiba portable speakers

247       2 shelves of fluoro light fittings, metal flues, carpet

248       New in box round vanity sink, plastic crate of sundries

249       2 wooden crates of cutlery

250       Shelf of damp course, nails, rope, PVC fittings etc

251       Carte of video cassettes, bay of sundries

252       Approx 14 car tyres with rims – situate throughout mezzanine

253       Satellite dish & accessories

254       Early Victa lawnmower pull start – above stair well




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