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    ON LINE AUCTION MONDAY 19 JUNE 2017 AT 10am CHINESE/JAPANESE  SUSHI TRAIN RESTAURANT  Under instructions from the Landlord – Distraint for Rent Near new restaurant fit out, Sushi Train benches, tables & chairs, wok cookers, refrigeration, pizza style preparation benches, freezers, digital POS Point of Sale video surveillance system, stainless steel benches & sinks, ice maker, dish & glass washers, exhaust canopies & much more  SHOPS 2 & 3 UNLEY SHOPPING CENTRE UNLEY ROAD, HYDE PARK  INSPECTION: SUNDAY 18 JUNE 10 – 2  & MORNING OF SALE FROM 8.30am   PAYMENT: ON DAY OF SALE BY INTERNET TRANSFER, CASH, EFTPOS AVAILABLE CREDIT CHARGES APPLY – WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES   COLLECTION OF GOODS: DAY OF SALE  BY APPOINTMENT TUESDAY 21 JUNE 2017  IF YOU CANNOT PAY & PICK UP DURING THIS TIME PLEASE DO NOT BID 15% BUYERS PREMIUM APPLIES AT THIS AUCTION   CATALOGUE BELOW PHOTOGRAPHS [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”12965,12966,12967,12968,12969,12970,12971,12972,12973,12974,12975,12976,12977,12978,12979,12980,12981,12982,12983,12984,12985,12986,12987,12988,12989,12990,12991,12992,12993,12994,12995,12996,12997,12998,12999,13000,13001,13002,13003,13004,13005,13006,13007,13008,13009,13010,13011,13012,13013,13014,13015,13016,13017,13018,13019,13020,13021,13022,13023,13024,13025,13026,13027,13028,13029,13030,13031,13032,13033,13034,13035,13036,13037,13038,13039,13040,13041,13042,13043,13044,13045,13046,13047,13048,13049,13050,13051,13052,13053,13054,13055,13056,13057,13058,13059,13060,13061,13062,13063,13064,13065,13066,13067,13068,13069,13070,13071,13072,13073,13074,13075,13076,13077,13078,13079,13080,13081,13082,13083,13084,13085,13086,13087,13088,13089,13090,13091,13092,13093,13094,13095,13096,13097,13098,13099,13100,13101,13102,13103,13104,13105,13106,13107,13108,13109,13110,13111,13112,13113,13114,13115,13116,13117,13118,13119,13120,13121,13122,13123,13124,13125,13126,13127,13128,13129,13130,13131,13132,13133,13134,13135,13136,13137,13138,13139,13140,13141,13142,13143″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””] CATALOGUE RESTAURANT 1        Pair Oriental jade appearance entrance dogs approx 50Lx50Hx20W cm 2        Sandwich board & frame 3        5 of single pedestal tables 80 x 60cm 4        6 of single pedestal tables 80 x 80cm 5        2 of double pedestal tables 80x120cm 6        160cm diameter chipboard top table with 95cm diameter glass lazy susan 7        160cm diameter chipboard top table with 95cm diameter glass lazy susan 8        8 of sections leather finish bench seating approx 13.5m 9        34 Madeline rung back wooden restaurant chairs 10      Steel framed timber top high table 195 x 100cm 11      4 of high chairs – white 12      1 of ¾ round chipboard top table 13      Qty stationery items, jumper wire, sundries 14      3 of Maxsum portable gas stoves no cases 15      2 of Maxsum portable gas stoves with cases 16      Metal table numbers, reserve signs, plastic table numbers, point of... Continue reading



    ON LINE AUCTION MONDAY 22 MAY AT 10am CARIBBEAN SKI BOAT, ESTATE FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS & COLLECTABLES INSPECTION – SATURDAY 2 MAY 10am – 1pm & MORNING OF SALE FROM 9am AT 7 PALMER AVENUE KILBURN SA BUYERS PREMIUM APPLIES – 16.5% PAYMENT ON DAY OF SALE BY CASH, INTERNET TRANSFER, EFTPOS AVAILABLE 2% CREDIT CHARGE – WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES COLLECTION – MONDAY, DAY OF SALE, UNTIL 5pm, TUESDAY 10 – 4pm IF YOU CANNOT PAY & COLLECT DURING TIMES STATED PLEASE DO NOT BID QUERIES – PHONE ROGER KEARNS 0418 821 250 CATALOGUE BELOW PHOTOS [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”12839,12840,12841,12842,12843,12844,12845,12846,12847,12848,12849,12850,12851,12852,12853,12854,12855,12856,12857,12858,12859,12860,12861,12862,12863,12864,12865,12866,12867,12868,12869,12870,12871,12872,12873,12874,12875,12876,12877,12878,12879,12880,12881,12882,12883,12884,12885,12886,12887,12888,12889,12890,12891,12892,12893,12894,12895,12896,12897,12898,12899,12900,12901,12902,12903,12904,12905,12906,12907,12908,12909,12910,12911,12912,12913,12914,12915,12916,12917,12918,12919,12920,12921,12922,12923,12924,12925,12926,12927,12928,12929,12930,12931,12932,12933,12934,12935,12936,12937,12938,12939,12940,12941,12942,12943″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””]   1        2 nickel on brass oriental bowls 2          Stanley wood plane – rough 3          Circa 1920 Australian oak dressing table 4          2 unframed Herbert Raberaber watercolours 5          Turned cedar table lamp 6          2 West End Showdown beer barrels – empty 7          Timber kitchen cabinet 8          Painted Edwardian pine wardrobe 9          Painted steel personal locker 10        2 vintage fishing rods 11        3 shelves of picture frames, garden lights, household & garden sundries 12        Collection of vintage beer cans – full & empty 13        5 framed paintings & prints 14        2 shelves bar accessories, glassware 15        2 shelves crystal & glassware 16        Shelf saucepans, colanders, kitchenware 17        4 boxes cased glassware 18        Shelf silver plate, coasters 19        Shelf bar accessories, novelty bottle opener 20        Stainless steel cutlery service 21        3 pair of new Bulls Head denim jeans size 34 22        Collection of vintage first aid kits, books, collectables, photograph on table & below table 23        Black 2 pack narrow wall unit 210h x 39w cm 24        Pair of Stuart crystal etched tazzas 25        English china lidded tureen 26        Vintage brass blow torch 27        Late Victorian silver plated tea pot 28        Vintage composition doll 29        Vintage electric wall clock... Continue reading



    ON LINE AUCTION ENGINEER’S HOME WORKSHOP DECEASED ESTATE MACHINERY (ALL 240V), TOOLING, TOOLS, MACHINING STEEL, MINIATURE STEAM ENGINE RAILWAY TRACK, HAND TOOLS, KERO LAMPS, COLLECTABLES 1972 HOLDEN HQ BELMONT SEDAN THE BEST PRESENTED WORKSHOP WE HAVE SEEN IN THE PAST 20 YEARS Fantastic auction for farmers (and your wife), collectors and those seeking high quality goods at auction prices AUCTION DATE:   SUNDAY 30 APRIL AT 10am AUCTION LOCATION:  15 FETLAR AVENUE MARION SA INSPECTION: SATURDAY 29 APRIL 10 – 2pm & MORNING OF SALE FROM 9am   16.5 % BUYERS PREMIUM APPLIES AT THIS AUCTION PAYMENT: BANK TRANSFER, EFTPOS AVAILABLE (CREDIT CHARGE APPLIES), ON LINE PAYMENT, WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES ENQUIRIES: ROGER KEARNS 0418 821 250 CATALOGUE BELOW PHOTOGRAPHS [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”12469,12470,12471,12472,12473,12474,12475,12476,12477,12478,12479,12480,12481,12482,12483,12484,12485,12486,12487,12488,12489,12490,12491,12492,12493,12494,12495,12496,12497,12498,12499,12500,12501,12502,12503,12504,12505,12506,12507,12508,12509,12510,12511,12512,12513,12514,12515,12516,12517,12518,12519,12520,12521,12522,12523,12524,12525,12526,12527,12528,12529,12530,12531,12532,12533,12534,12535,12536,12537,12538,12539,12540,12541,12542,12543,12544,12545,12546,12547,12548,12549,12550,12551,12552,12553,12554,12555,12556,12557,12558,12559,12560,12561,12562,12563,12564,12565,12566,12567,12568,12569,12570,12571,12572,12573,12574,12575,12576,12577,12578,12579,12580,12581,12582,12583,12584,12585,12586,12587,12588,12589,12590,12591,12592,12593,12594,12595,12596,12597,12598,12599,12600,12601,12602,12603,12604,12605,12606,12607,12608,12609,12610,12611,12612,12613,12614,12615,12616,12617,12618,12619,12620,12621,12622,12623,12624,12625,12626,12627,12628,12629,12630,12631,12632,12633,12634,12635,12636,12637,12638,12639,12640,12641,12642,12643,12644,12645,12646,12647,12648,12649,12650,12651,12652,12653,12654,12655,12656,12657,12658,12659,12660,12661,12662,12663,12664,12665,12666,12667,12668,12669,12670,12671,12672,12673,12674,12675,12676,12677,12678,12679,12680,12681,12682,12683,12684,12685,12686,12687,12688,12689,12690,12691,12692,12693,12694,12695,12696,12697,12698,12699,12700,12701,12702,12703,12704,12705,12706,12707,12708,12709,12710,12711,12712,12713,12714,12715,12716,12717,12718,12719,12720,12721,12722,12723,12724,12725,12726,12727,12728,12729,12730,12731,12732,12733,12734,12735,12736,12737,12738,12739,12791,12792,12793,12794,12795,12796,12797,12798,12799,12800,12801,12802,12803,12804,12805,12806,12807,12808,12809,12810,12811,12812,12813,12814,12815,12816,12817,12818,12819,12820,12821,12822,12823,12824,12825,12826,12827,12828,12829,12830,12831″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””] CATALOGUE LOUNGE 1            Timber stool 2            Set of 4 spindle back colonial style chairs 3            Vintage Dalpton brass blow torch 4            Vintage Model brass stationary engine & fuel tank 5            4 car manuals including Holden FJ Series 6            Fabricated copper trombone 7            Vintage J Wedderburn table scales & full set weights, Beatrice Harper kitchen food chopper in Original box with instructions & Vauxhall metal wallet 8            2 Miller brass kerosene lamp bases 9            Tiny Juno Nickel on brass kero lamp 10          Miller nickel on brass kero lamp base 11          Miller brass kero lamp base 12          Milk & blue glass kero lamp base 13          Late 19th century American Cottage clock – no dial 14          Late 19th century American cottage clock 15          Late 19th century American cottage clock 16          Milk & blue glass kero lamp base 17          Miller brass kero lamp base 18          Miller brass kero lamp base 19          Juno No 1 brass kero lamp base 20          Amber glass chamber stick kero lamp 21          Modern brass kero lamp 22          Fully restored Miller brass kero lamp bowl... Continue reading



    ON LINE AUCTION FRIDAY 24 MARCH AT 10am WEIGHT LIFTING EQUIPMENT, ESTATE FURNITURE, XMAS DECORATIONS, BRIC-A-BRAC, TOOLS, 7’x5′ TRAILER, 1994 HOLDEN BARINA SWING SEDAN & MUCH MORE INSPECT AND COLLECT FROM 7 PALMER AVENUE KILBURN INSPECTION:  THURSDAY 23 MARCH 10 – 2 & MORNING OF SALE FROM 9am 16.5% BUYERS PREMIUM APPLIES PAYMENT: CASH, INTERNET TRANSFER, EFTPOS AVAILABLE – 2% CREDIT CHARGE APPLIES  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES FURTHER DETAILS PHONE ROGER KEARNS 0418 821 250 CATALOGUE BELOW PHOTOS [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”12223,12224,12225,12226,12227,12228,12229,12230,12231,12232,12233,12234,12235,12236,12237,12238,12239,12240,12241,12242,12243,12244,12245,12246,12247,12248,12249,12250,12251,12252,12253,12254,12255,12256,12257,12258,12259,12260,12261,12262,12263,12264,12265,12266,12267,12268,12269,12270,12271,12272,12273,12274,12275,12276,12277,12278,12279,12280,12281,12282,12283,12284,12285,12286,12287,12288,12289,12290,12291,12292,12293,12294,12295,12296,12297,12298,12299,12300,12301,12302,12303,12304,12305,12306,12307,12308,12309,12310,12311,12312,12313,12314,12315,12316,12317,12318,12319,12320,12321,12322,12323,12324,12325,12326,12327,12328,12329,12330,12331,12332,12333,12334,12335,12336,12337,12338,12339,12340,12341,12342,12343,12344,12345,12346,12347,12348,12349,12350,12351,12352,12353,12354,12355,12356,12357,12358,12359,12360,12361,12362,12363,12364,12365,12366,12367,12368,12369,12370,12371,12372,12373,12374,12375,12376,12377,12378,12379,12380,12381,12382,12383,12384,12385,12386,12387,12388,12389,12390,12391,12392,12393,12394,12395,12396,12397,12398,12399,12400,12401,12402,12403,12404,12405,12406,12407,12408,12409,12410,12411,12412,12413,12414,12415,12416,12417,12418,12419,12420,12421,12422,12423,12424,12425,12426,12427,12428,12429,12430,12431,12432,12433,12434,12435,12436,12437,12438,12439,12440,12441,12442,12443,12444,12445,12446,12447,12448,12449,12450,12451,12452,12453,12454,12455,12456,12457,12458″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””] CATALOGUE 1          Approx 7 well established pot plants 2          6 assorted folding outdoor chairs 3          Bailey 3.6m aluminium ladder heady duty industrial 4          Bissell Pro Heat Turbo X floor cleaner 5          Folding ironing board 6          Spears & Jackson spade – little use 7          Fabricated 240v bench saw 8          5 plastic stacking outdoor chairs 9          2 folding clip on chair tables, 1 folding leg camping table 76x50cm, 1 folding trestle 120x60cm, 1 steel framed card table 75cm square 10        Set 6 champagne flutes & data board 11        Lowell London saucepan, 2 paper cutters, Holman hose spray 12        Men’s Bally black leather dress shoes 61/2 EU, 71/2 USA, pair Classic casuals 7 UK, 4 pairs Merrell casuals 13        4 gold 4 silver 1 black finish frames, Travel Scrabble, cribbage board 14        Red ice bucket on black wrought iron stand 15        Blue Nespresso coffee machine & instructions 16        Silver Nespresso coffee machine & instructions 17        Panasonic SA-PM42 digital audio player with twin speakers 18        3 shelves various vintage light fittings 19        Cushion insert, TV tray, magnifying glass, ornate bin, 2 Furnace heaters, 1990 Bay to Birdwood badge 20        Coleman High Stand camping BBQ stand & camping ironing board 21        Shelf of Christmas decorations ‘JOY candle holders, Xmas sign, Xmas tree battery operated, large Xmas decorations 22        Nintendo... Continue reading



    AUCTION ON LINE HISTORIC DANISH WOODEN BOAT HULL 20m x 4m x 3m draft (approx) Potential to be a fantastic world cruising boat with a proven history Presently on hard stand at PORT RIVER MARINE SERVICES LARGS NORTH OUTH AUSTRALIA AUCTION DATE: SUNDAY 5 MARCH 2017 AT 10AM This is one of 600 Danish Seine fishing boats built before and after WW11.   The deck hand sailed this boat to Adelaide South Australia from its home port at Esbjerg Netherlands Since arriving in Australian waters, in excess of $250,000 has been spent on refastening, shoeing the keel, new deck beams and deck and a new wheel house This boat comes to the market only due to the owners failing health and inability to complete his dream and MUST BE SOLD A rare opportunity to buy the dream and finish this magnificent boat to a high standard for world cruising in safety and luxury INSPECTION:  Sunday 19th & 26th February 2017 from 9am to 11am & Morning of Sale from 9am 10% Buyer’s Premium applies at this auction.  Payment: 10% deposit to be paid on day of sale by cash, or direct debit to Kearns Auctions Client Account (banking details will be provided) with deposit receipt provided to Kearns Auctions.   Balance to be paid to Kearns Auctions Client Account  by Friday 10th March 2017. Further details from Roger Kearns on 0418 821 250 James Theodore on (08) 8242 0788 [vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”11966,11967,11968,11969,11970,11971,11972,11973,11974″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””]



    AUCTION MODERN GOURMET DELI ON LINE EXCELLENT DISPLAY FRIDGES EACH WITH ITS OWN UPDATED UNITS 4 GLASS DOOR SELF SERVE COOLROOM, SS BENCHES TABLES & CHAIRS 2 GROUP COFFEE MACHINE STEEL FRAMED GLASS INSERT CONCERTINA FULL FRONTAGE SCREEN NEAR NEW REFRIGERATED CAKE DISPLAY COUNTER STOCK & MORE ON LINE FRIDAY 6 JANUARY 10am INSPECTION THURSDAY 5 JANUARY 11 – 2 & MORNING OF SALE FROM 9am THE GOURMET PANTRY NORTH ADELAIDE SHOPPING CENTRE 15% BUYER’S PREMIUM APPLIES PAYMENT: Cash, EFTPOS, Internet Transfer WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES ROGER KEARNS Ph: 0418 821 250 FULL CATALOGUE BELOW PHOTOS [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”11846,11847,11848,11849,11850,11851,11852,11853,11854,11855,11856,11857,11858,11859,11860,11861,11862,11863,11864,11865,11866,11867,11868,11869,11870,11871,11872,11873,11874,11875,11876,11877,11878,11879,11880,11881,11882,11883,11884,11885,11886,11887,11888,11889,11890,11891,11892,11893,11894,11895,11896,11897,11898,11899,11900,11901,11902,11903,11904,11905,11906,11907,11908,11909,11910,11911,11912,11913,11914,11915,11916,11917,11918,11919,11920,11921,11922,11923,11924,11925,11926,11927,11928,11929,11930,11931,11932,11933,11934,11935″                 onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””] CATALOGUE 1          Illuminated sign single sided 2m x 63cm 2          7 square 70cm single brushed aluminium pedestal tables 3          19 chrome framed red heavy duty moulded plastic stacking chairs 4          Sandwich board 61cm wide x 1m high 5          Veneered frame 2 clear perspex door self-serve bread cabinet 210h x 1mw 6          Cream painted timber 6 adjustable shelves display unit 91w x 29d x 210h cm 7          Cream painted timber 6 adjustable shelves display unit 91w x 29d x 210h cm 8          Cream painted timber 6 adjustable shelves display unit 91w x 29d x 210h cm 9          Cream painted timber 6 adjustable shelves display unit 91w x 29d x 210h cm 10        Cream painted timber 6 adjustable shelves display unit 77w x 29d x 210h cm 11        Cream painted timber 6 adjustable shelves display unit 77w x 29d x 210h cm 12        Cream painted timber 6 adjustable shelves display unit 50w x 29d x 210h cm 13        Cream painted timber corner unit 56w x 86d x 210h cm 14        Cream painted timber 6 adjustable shelves display unit 33w x 29d x 210h cm 15        Sandwich Board 16        Point of sale monitor, electronic scales, bar code reader & printer... Continue reading



    ON LINE AUCTION TRUCK, BOAT, DESIGNER FURNITURE,  MIRRORS & DECORATIVE ITEMS CONTEMPORARY ABORIGINAL ART LARGE QTY OF USEFUL & COLLECTABLE PIANO & VIOLIN SHEET MUSIC ORIGINAL BOXED PEN DELFIN COLLECTION SOUND SYSTEMS LG FRONT LOAD AUTO WASHING MACHINE, WARDROBES, QUALITY FRAMED PRINTS, SHELF LOTS, STEEL TOOL BOXES ON LINE SUNDAY 27 NOVEMBER 2016 at 10am INSPECTION: SATURDAY 26 NOVEMBER 10 – 1pm & MORNING OF SALE FROM 9am INSPECTION & PICK UP ADDRESS 7 PALMER AVENUE KILBURN SA BUYERS PREMIUM 15% PAYMENT METHODS: INTERNET TRANSER (PRINT OUT BANK RECEIPT AS PROOF OF PAYMENT FOR COLLECTION OF ITEMS), EFTPOS (3% CREDIT CHARGE APPLIES), OR CASH WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES Further details or enquiries contact ROGER KEARNS 0418 821 250 CATALOGUE BELOW PHOTOS [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”11688,11689,11690,11691,11692,11693,11694,11695,11696,11697,11698,11699,11700,11701,11702,11703,11704,11705,11706,11707,11708,11709,11710,11711,11712,11713,11714,11715,11716,11717,11718,11719,11720,11721,11722,11723,11724,11725,11726,11727,11728,11729,11730,11731,11732,11733,11734,11735,11736,11737,11738,11739,11740,11741,11742,11743,11744,11745,11746,11747,11748,11749,11750,11751,11752,11753,11754,11755,11756,11757,11758,11759,11760,11761,11762,11763,11764,11765,11766,11767,11768,11769,11770,11771,11772,11773,11774,11775,11776,11777,11778,11779,11780,11781,11782,11783,11784,11785,11786,11787,11788,11789,11790,11791,11792,11793,11794,11795,11796,11797,11798,11799,11800,11801,11802,11803,11804,11805,11806,11807,11808,11809,11810,11811,11812,11813,11814,11815,11816,11817,11818,11819,11820,11821,11822,11823,11824,11825,11826,11827,11828,11829,11830″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””] CATALOGUE 1        Isuzu NPR400 Tray Top truck 2        Haines Hunter 444R 15′ fishing/ski boat with Johnson 6-hp VCO outboard motor (receipt for $1000 service) in very good original condition. McKay full roller galvanised trailer 3        Upmarket Pioneer sound system comprising – Pioneer DVD player DV-400 Pioneer audio/video multi channel receiver VSX-517 Accusound ES30 subwoofer Accusound ES30 centre speaker Accusound ES30 surround speakers 4        Designer mirrored hall table 91 x 31cm x 70h 5        Inlaid frosted glass occasional table 6        Upholstered seat and high back bedroom chair 7        2 complementing glass front designer framed prints 87w x 83h cm 8        Keogh designer Queen size heavy Baltic pine & wrought iron capped head & foot boards 9        Designer sofa bed in leather with chromed frame base with rise & fall ends 10      High gloss black latest style TV & sound system low cabinet with ample storage 240lx58wx45h cm 11      Faux concrete plat pot with interesting ornamental designer flower display 12      6 size graded candle holders 13      Tapered plant pot with ornamental bamboo & plant... Continue reading

  • Rock Lobster Fishing Boat

    Rock Lobster Fishing Boat

    AUCTION ON LINE ROCK LOBSTER BOAT 45′ x 15′ x 6’6″ IN MODERN LANGUAGE 13.7m x 14.6m x 2m A RARE BOATING OPPORTUNITY FOR THE RESTORER NO RESERVE – WHATEVER THE MARKET SAYS HAS POTENTIAL TO BE A WONDERFUL FAMILY CRUISER BOAT ABLE TO GO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD ONCE RESTORED MECHANICALLY – WAS RUNNING PRIOR TO BEING PUT ON HARDSTAND – WAS IN COMMERCIAL USE BEFORE GOING UP ON HARD STAND & WAS IN COMMERCIAL SURVEY NEEDS MINIMAL WORK TO PUT BACK IN THE WATER Powered by CAT 190hp 6 cylinder diesel with diesel generator Extensive electronics, all be it a bit old but most likely in working condition This boat will restore easily and be a fantastic piece of history for the rock lobster industry and the fishing industry as a whole  AUCTION DATE  ON LINE SUNDAY 4 DECEMBER 2016 at 11am SPECIAL CONDITIONS & INFORMATION YOU MUST READ THIS BEFORE YOU BID 1   The transfer of the present owner’s current agreement will be subject to a new agreement being complete and in place. 2   All ongoing fees and charges are processed via Marina Adelaide’s Westpac Payway system using credit card or direct debit 3   Current charge of $550 per month GST included is for Storage Only Marina Adelaide will continue this arrangement with the new owner for a period of 3 months from the purchase date after which normal hardstand fees will apply unless otherwise negotiated. 4   The current rate of $550 per month is strictly a storage rate, should work commence on the vessel then this rate ceased immediately and the normal hardstand rate of $1.30 per foot per day will apply, for the benefit of any doubt this would be 48′ x $1.30 = $62.40 per day, unless otherwise negotiated. 5   In water mooring fees would be $550 per month... Continue reading

  • Bicycle Shop

    Bicycle Shop

    ON LINE AUCTION BICYCLE SHOP IN LIQUIDATION HIGH QUALITY SHOP FITTINGS, SLAT WALLS & FITTINGS, LARGE GAZEBO, SPARE PARTS, PALLET RACKING, SPECIAL TOOLS, AIR COMPRESSOR, INDUSTRIAL RUBBER FLOOR SQUARES IF YOU ARE INTO BIKES CHECK THIS OUT 262 PULTENEY STREET ADELAIDE SA SUNDAY 23 OCTOBER AT 10AM INSPECTION SATURDAY 22 OCTOBER 10-1pm & MORNING OF SALE FROM 9am PAYMENT: CASH, EFTPOS (CREDIT CHARGE APPLIES), INTERNET TRANFER WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES 15% BUYERS PREMIUM APPLIES FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT – ROGER KEARNS 0418 821 250 FULL CATALOGUE BELOW PHOTOS [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”11450,11451,11452,11453,11454,11455,11456,11457,11458,11459,11460,11461,11462,11463,11464,11465,11466,11467,11468,11469,11470,11471,11472,11473,11474,11475,11476,11477,11478,11479,11480,11481,11482,11483,11484,11485,11486,11487,11488,11489,11490,11491,11492,11493,11494,11495,11496,11497,11498,11499,11500,11501,11502,11503,11504,11505,11506,11507,11508,11509,11510,11511,11512,11513,11514,11515,11516,11517,11518,11519,11520,11521,11522,11523,11524,11525,11526,11527,11528,11529,11530,11531,11532,11533,11534,11535,11536,11537,11538,11539,11540,11541,11542,11543,11544,11545,11546,11547,11548,11549,11550,11551,11552,11553,11554,11555,11556,11557,11558,11559,11560,11561,11562,11563,11564,11565,11566,11567,11568,11569,11570,11571,11572,11573,11574,11575,11576,11577,11578,11579,11580,11581,11582,11583,11584,11585,11586,11587,11588,11589,11590,11591,11592,11593,11594,11595,11596,11597,11598″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””]   CATALOGUE 1          Metal A frame sign 2          Bicycle foot pump 3          Specialised bicycle foot pump 4          White 2 pack 8 section storage unit 149cml x 79cmh x 39cmd 5          Qty advertising signs & gift signs re cycling 6          3 advertising signs 7          Bicycle accessory adjustable display stand 8          Bicycle accessory adjustable display stand 9          Full body female torso mannequin 10        4 black torso profile display mannequins 11        Wall mounted print under perspex – Bikes in Forest approx 3m x 1.25m 12        Wall mounted print under perspex – Palleton Crossing the Bridges 13        White 2 pack open bookshelf/divider 105wx190hx38d cm 14        White 2 pack open bookshelf/divider 105wx190hx38d cm 15        White 2 pack open bookshelf/divider 105wx190hx38d cm 16        White 2 pack open bookshelf/divider 105wx190hx38d cm 17        White 2 pack open bookshelf/divider 105wx190hx38d cm 18        Enduro size large bicycle frame enhanced aluminium 19        6 asstd carbon bicycle front forks, 2 plastic mudguards 20        Carton helmet accessories 21        Cane Bikecorp front bicycle basket with fittings & similar metal basket 22        Top Peak black metal front bicycle basket with fittings 23        Top Peak black metal front bicycle basket with fittings 24        3 bundles of flat brown paper bags 25        Qty flat brown paper bags, carrier bags 3 archive cartons... Continue reading



    AUCTION DECEASED ESTATE FURNITURE & EFFECTS 2005 FORD FALCON AUTO SEDAN (102000kms) EXTENSIVE WORKSHOP MACHINERY, TOOLS ROWETT STREET KAPUNDA S.A. (FULL ADDRESS ON THIS SITE DAY OF SALE) SATURDAY 27 AUGUST AT 10.30am   INSPECTION FROM 9.00am DAY OF SALE 15% BUYERS PREMIUM APPLIES PAYMENT: CASH, INTERNET TRANSFER, EFTPOS – 3% CREDIT CHARGE ***WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES*** PHOTOS, CATALOGUE & FULL DETAILS ON www.kearnsauctions.com.au FURTHER DETAILS PAUL BARTLETT  0415 213 428, KEVIN TARLING 0438 802 390 CATALOGUE BELOW PHOTOS [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”11052,11053,11054,11055,11056,11057,11058,11059,11060,11061,11062,11063,11064,11065,11066,11067,11068,11069,11070,11071,11072,11073,11074,11075,11076,11077,11078,11079,11080,11081,11082,11083,11084,11085,11086,11087,11088,11089,11090,11091,11092,11093,11094,11095,11096,11097,11098,11099,11100,11101,11102,11103,11104,11105,11106,11107,11108,11109,11110,11111,11112,11113,11114,11115,11116,11117,11118,11119,11120,11121,11122,11123,11124,11125,11126,11127,11128,11129,11130,11131,11132,11133,11134,11135,11136,11137,11138,11139,11140″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””] CATALOGUE ENTRY HALL 1        Timber framed bevelled edge wall mirror 2        Small tribal design floor rug DINING ROOM 3        Good quality reproduction Vienna style regulator wall clock 4        Polished timber deed box 5        Adjustable reading lamp 6        Spinning wheel 7        Cane basket of wool 8        Gilt framed Hans Heysen print 9        35 piece Noritake dinner set ‘Tiffany’ 10      Decorative world globe on stand 11      English china plate, Continental bowl etc 12      Polished pine 3 door sideboard fitted with 3 drawers 13      Contents of 3 drawers –cutlery placemats etc 14      Contents of 3 lower cabinets including crockery glassware ornament 15      Turned column standard lamp & shade 16      Ceramic pot & stand, ornamental carved salad servers 17      Oval cabriolet leg occasional table 18      Decorative Corinthian column standard lamp with glass bowl 19      Stained pine 7′ open bookshelf 20      Shelf or ornaments, beer steins 21      Shelf of ornaments figurines 22      Shelf of books – mainly cooking 23      Shelf of books mainly craft 24      Shelf of books mainly guns 25      Shelf of sundries, candles, cash box 26      Cedar rectangular dining table 27      Set of 4 Edwardian walnut carved back dining room chairs 28      Enhanced Vision Acrobat HD electronic reading system 29      Enhanced Vision Pebble hand held magnifier LOUNGE ROOM 30      Gilt framed tapestry 31      Carved reproduction Louis... Continue reading

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