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  • Coastal/river steel cruiser ‘Shamrock’

    Coastal/river steel cruiser ‘Shamrock’

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] FOR SALE COASTAL/RIVER STEEL CRUISER ‘SHAMROCK’ 12m x 6m x 600mm THIS BOAT HAS THE LOT! $375,000 OWNER SAYS SELL HE WILL ACCEPT $260,00 – YES $260,000  ALL OFFERS, EVEN SILLY ONES WILL BE SUBMITTED An excellent river cruiser/live aboard An excellent coastal cruiser POWERED BY FORD LEES DIESEL TO TUNNEL PRTECTED LEG PLUS TWIN MERCURY 150hp AUXILLARY MOTORS! Just perfect for close manoeuvring with bow thrusters & great peace of mind at sea CHECK OUT THE CURRENT SURVEY – IT TELLS YOU EVERYTHING ABOUT THE BOAT IN FINE DETAIL WHY PAY $1M PLUS FOR A LESSER BOAT WHEN YOU CAN OWN THIS FLOATING WATERFRONT APARTMENT FOR A FRACTION OF THE PRICE The present professional boat builder owner has for the past few years been doing a complete restructure of this boat ready for a life in retirement to go anywhere in Australia.  Sadly the passing of his wife recently has changed his plans and he now wants to move on and away from memories. If you have been looking at a ‘plastic fantastic’ between $500k and $1m you must check this out – you will only pay a fraction of the price and get twice the boat. Our instructions are to sell and whilst a figure of its true value would great buying, this will be sold way below market value. 5% BUYERS PRMUM APPLIES AT THIS AUCTION   SURVEY REPORT BELOW PHOTOS FURTHER DETAILS ROGER KEARNS 0418 821 250 [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” interval=”3″ images=”15367,15368,15369,15370,15371,15372,15373,15374,15375,15376,15377,15378,15379,15380,15381,15382,15383,15384,15385,15386,15387,15388,15389,15390,15391,15392,15393,15394,15395,15396,15397,15398,15399,15400,15401,15402,15403,15404″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self”][vc_column_text css_animation=””] MARINE SURVEY REPORTS To open marine reports, please hover your mouse over the hyperlinks below! (Note: Once the document is open, to make the document larger Please hold the ‘ctrl’ key and press the ‘+’ key several times) Click Here To Open Survey #1 Click Here To Open Survey #2 Click Here To Open... Continue reading

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